When remodelling a space, deciding which material to use might be more difficult than just selecting the most appealing one. You’ll need to think about the room’s surroundings, the material’s longevity, how much upkeep the floor will require and any other more personal issues like who lives in the house and how that may influence whatever material you pick. 

One of the most trending natural stones these days in Australia is Slate tiles. They are known for bringing both aesthetics and functionality together. But, to ease your mind, we have a breakdown of the benefits of using it as flooring tiles.  

Understanding Slate Floors: What is Slate?  

According to Google, Slate is “a fine-grained grey, green, or bluish metamorphic rock easily split into smooth, flat pieces”. These natural stones may be cut into even tiles and used as flooring in both indoor and outdoor areas. They are put in the same way as any other sort of tile, by laying them in a mortar bed on top of the subfloor and grouting between each slate floor tile.  

So, read on to know the benefits of choosing Slate tiles for flooring indoor spaces.  

Benefits of Slate Tiles  


Slate is an extremely durable natural stone flooring material that resists cracks, scratches, breaks and chips. The stone is formed over millions of years by heat and pressure inside the ground, making it very hard and resistant. When properly maintained, slate flooring may endure millennia. It will not collapse under heavy foot traffic, making it perfect for business buildings, social gathering areas and homes with children and pets. 

Aesthetically Pleasing 

While other materials may offer similar benefits to Slate tiles, such as outstanding durability, this natural stone outperforms most other materials in terms of aesthetics. Slate is a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind substance that comes in various naturally occurring hues due to its global mining. While individual Slate tiles may not be consistent, this simply adds to the visual attractiveness, as the natural patterns on the surface combine to produce a wonderful piece of art. With their rough surfaces, these tiles are ideal for achieving the attractive, rustic look that many people want. 

Adds Value 

Slate tiles, with their unique appearance and exceptional durability, can potentially increase your property’s value. If you sell your property, these natural stone tiles might be a fantastic long-term investment. 

Water Resistant 

Due to the textured surface, Slate tiles exhibit water resistant quality. It is what makes them ideal to be installed as flooring in rooms where the moisture level is higher such as bathrooms or kitchen. They are frequently used to tile the interior of showers or carve to create custom basins and shower trays. 

Easy To Clean 

Slate tiles, like many other natural stone flooring materials, are very easy to clean. When properly sealed during installation, spills cannot sink into the stone and cause difficulties. The most common type of care required for Slate flooring is frequent sweeping. This makes Slate an ideal building material for houses with people who have allergy issues since it does not cling to allergens like a carpeted floor. Furthermore, due to its rough surface, it provides the ideal non-slippery surface even when wet. 

Heat Transmitting 

Natural stone flooring materials are excellent at radiating heat, which makes Slate tiles ideal for use with underfloor heating systems. These devices heat not only the floor but also the surrounding surroundings as the temperature rises. Slate tiles will retain this heat even after the heat is switched off, keeping the space warmer for longer. 

Why are Slate tiles a flexible and durable option for floors and walls? 

 Choosing Slate tiles for your floor or walls not only adds refinement to your area, but they are also long-lasting and require little care. It’s worth noting that natural Slate tiles may be more expensive to install than other flooring alternatives, but their longevity and visual appeal frequently outweigh the cost. That stated, we believe that Stone Depot’s natural stone selection is all about premium and high-quality stones. We aim to provide customer satisfaction and hence offer a wide range of colours and textures for Slate tiles. One can also get on a call with our stone specialists and customise the stones according to their style requirements. So, don’t wait and fill out our free quotation form today!  


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