Come and see the Magnetic Island koalas!

They’re cute, cuddly and a national animal icon, there’s so many reasons why you should make the trip and see the Magnetic Island koalas.

If there’s one place you want to see them in the wild and you’re pretty much guaranteed a sighting, the Magnetic Island koalas won’t disappoint.

With more than 800 of them living in the trees, one of the best spots to see one of the Magnetic Island koalas is on The Forts Walk. The track is touted as the best place on the island to catch a glimpse of the koalas.

As an added bonus, this 90-minute return walk also features some amazing views of Horseshoe Bay and the Coral Sea.

Magnetic Island Koalas

The koala population on Magnetic Island is actually special and more distinct from koalas you will find on the mainland.

The koalas on the island have captured the hearts of locals and visitors alike, showcasing the unique characteristics and challenge they come up against in this beautiful island paradise.

The koalas have actually adapted to the island’s specific environment over many years, resulting in a distinct genetic population that is special to the island.

There is also a diverse eucalyptus base providing an abundant food source for the koalas to munch down on.

The availability of various eucalyptus species on the island has allowed the koalas to specialize their diet, further setting them apart from mainland populations

Christmas on Magnetic Island

The uniqueness of the Magnetic Island koalas has also made them a beloved symbol of the island’s natural heritage.

If you’re lucky enough to visit the island, you too can see these creatures in their natural habitat, observe their behaviour (they do sleep a lot!) and even learn about their conservation needs.

You can even take a guided tour to find out more about their biology, ecology and the challenges they face.

These beautiful and iconic marsupials continue to captivate the hearts of anyone who gets to see them, will you be the next visitor?

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Author: WMAadmin