From fresh seafood to fine dining to huge bistro style meals Magnetic Island Restaurants and cafe’s have it all.



Accommodation on Magnetic Island is like no other…choose from fully furnished holiday homes to resorts to backpacker lodges.



Magnetic Island is a host to all sorts of activities on land or sea – there’s something for everyone here.

Latest News on Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island is full of life and excitement all year round. Read below about some of the exciting latest news that are happening on Maggie Island.

Top 10 Restaurants on Magnetic Island

There is no shortage of great restaurants in this stunning part of the Australia, so we’ve put together a list of the top 10 restaurants on Magnetic Island.Italian, Indian, Asian, pub meals and lots of healthy options are all available. Freshly caught fish...

Magnetic Island Accommodation – Treat Yourself!

There are plenty of Magnetic Island accommodation options out there, and there is something for everyone!Magnetic Island boasts a wonderful range of accommodation types suitable for people from all different walks of life. Whether you desire the ultimate...

Winter Escape to Magnetic Island – Goodbye Winter Chill!

Winter Escape to Magnetic Island – forget the cold and enjoy some extra sun!The cold season is about to hit Australia and the majority of the country is preparing for a few months or more of wet and dreary weather. It is the perfect time to book a winter...

Perfect Your Holiday at Picnic Bay, Magnetic Island

Picnic Bay on Magnetic Island is the ultimate location to relax, have fun and enjoy nature. From a stunning beach filled with marine life, plenty of opportunities for seaside dining and a jetty to fish, it’s impossible to not have a good time!Here are some...

Pure Natural Bliss! Cockle Bay Reef on Magnetic Island

Looking to plan a holiday this year? Go domestic and visit the wondrous natural beauty of Cockle Bay Reef!Cockle Bay Reef is nestled on the famous gem known as Magnetic Island. While the island itself boasts a multitude of reasons for visiting and staying,...

Magnetic Island – Valentine’s Day Romantic Destination

If you're looking for the ultimate Valentine's Day romantic destination, look no further than Magnetic Island. It’s the day of the year when you get the opportunity to go above and beyond to celebrate your partnership and adoration for someone special -...

Best Things to do on Magnetic Island

Whilst Magnetic Island is relatively small, it has a very long list of attractions – so just what are the best things to do on Magnetic Island?Right off the coast of Townsville, and home to the Magnetic Island National Park, this represents the perfect...