Picnic Bay – Best Things to Do

Lounging in the sun on the southern tip of Magnetic Island, you’ll find the brilliant Picnic Bay.

It’s the perfect place for relaxation and adventure to intertwine.

With cultural experiences, outdoor adventures, stunning beaches, and all the island time to chill, Picnic Bay has something for everyone

Batuta Gallery

Enjoy a treasure hunt, but seems like too much work?

Don’t worry, Batuta has gathered the finest collection for you.

Come in and peruse jewellery, Persian rugs, Japanese netsuke, and more.

Dog Shed Waterhole

A serene spot perfect for picnics and relaxation.

You might spot snoozing koalas in the trees.

Accessible via a dirt road near an old shed off West Point Road, it’s a hidden gem worth discovering.

Picnic Bay - Best things to do
Picnic Bay - Best Things to do

Picnic Bay Jetty

Ideal for fishing or sunset views of Townsville coastline.

In summer, a swimming enclosure protects against stingers, with lifeguards on patrol.

Nearby is Magnetic Island’s only fully fenced playground.

Hawkings Point Trail and Lookout

If you are up for a moderately challenging hike, at 1.2km,

Hawkings Point Walking Track is the shortest on the island.

But worth it when you reach the Hawkings Point Lookout with its panoramic views.

Good Ju Ju’s Lookout

For an uninterrupted view of Rocky Bay

and across to Townville overlooking the ferry and shipping route,

this is an easily accessible viewing point off Nelly Bay Road.

Rocky Bay

A smaller beach that can be difficult to access, you will surely want to keep it all to yourself.

Secluded and unassuming, rocky outcrops play on the edge of sandy shores.

Not bad for a little surfing too.

Picnic Bay - Best Things to do
Picnic Bay - Best Things to do

Magnetic Islands History and Craft Centre

Housed in the heritage-listed Picnic Bay School and historic Butler Hut,

the centre operates a museum of island history

And sells locally made craft and historical publications.

Maggie Island Brewery

You must pay a visit to this cozy nano-brewery.

The beers are preservative-free and brewed on-site.

No need to choose one flavour when you can try a tasting paddle.

For non-beer drinkers, fine wines, spirits, and artisan cocktails await.

The Reef Bar Cafe

Treat yourself to a Little Italy experience at The Reef Bar Cafe

where mornings offer authentic Italian coffee

And nights will tempt you with irresistible tapas.

Mamma Roma

Head to Mamma Roma for a taste of Little Italy in Queensland.

Craving wood-fired pizzas? Or homemade pasta?

There’s something to satisfy whatever your taste.

Picnic Bay - Best things to do

Next time you head to Magnetic Island, Picnic Bay has to be on your ‘must-visit’ list. It is unparalleled in perfect balance of beauty, nature, and comfort. There really is something for everyone. So, pack your bags, and start planning!

Author: WMAadmin