Winter holiday on Magnetic Island

Planning your winter holiday? Look no further than winter on Magnetic Island. With amazing weather and plenty to do, it’s the perfect way to escape the winter blues.

Escape the chill and enjoy a winter holiday on Magnetic Island – it’s 27 degree celsius on average during the day. There is nothing better than that sublime balance of not too cold, not too hot – the ideal conditions to partake in all the activities.

Winter Holiday on Magnetic Island

Make the most of MAGNETIC ISLAND ONLINE to help you find accommodation, restaurants, tourist attractions and most importantly, activities. There is so much to do on the Island. Let’s take a look at just a few (bear in mind there are many more).

Whale watching

Mid July to August is the best time to look out these gentle giants. It’s their annual migration period, making for prime whale-watching. A 3-hour cruise takes you into the waters surrounding Magnetic, Townsville and Palm Island group. You’ll hear a commentary and enjoy morning tea as the humpback whales play in the warm waters of the Great Barrier Reef.


There are no stingers during the winter months, so it’s the ideal time for swimming. Water temps are comfortable even in winter. The best swimming holes are at Rocky Bay if you like a small and secluded area, and some peace and quiet. Alma Bay is great for families as there are also shady lawns and a playground.

Magnetic Island in June
Winter holiday on Magnetic Island


Time on the Maggie isn’t complete without some sailing. There are day trips and sunset cruises and you can even enjoy a little snorkeling during the cruise. Various sailing tours have a lot to offer – some include lunch during the day and others allow you to bring your own alcohol for sunset cruises.


If you’re an avid golfer, you probably love the thought of golfing wherever you are.  The Magnetic Island Country Club is open to the public. You can rent golf clubs and buggies, then take in the gorgeous surroundings as you hit a bucket of balls. Golfing on Maggie is just that little extra special.


Snorkeling is a must-do on the Island. Some favourite snorkeling locations are Arthur Bay on the northern edge, Geoffrey Bay and Florence Bay on the southern edge. At Geoffrey, you can even walk at low tide, but beware of the coral. There are of course, several other amazing places to snorkel, you’re bound to find your own favourite spot too.

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Winter holiday on Magnetic Island

There are a multitude of other activities far beyond the ones listed here. Hiking, historical tours, a visit to the koalas and a whole lot more. Be sure to check out MAGNETIC ISLAND ONLINE for all things Magnetic.

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