From fresh seafood to fine dining to huge bistro style meals Magnetic Island Restaurants and cafe’s have it all.



Accommodation on Magnetic Island is like no other…choose from fully furnished holiday homes to resorts to backpacker lodges.



Magnetic Island is a host to all sorts of activities on land or sea – there’s something for everyone here.

Latest News on Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island is full of life and excitement all year round. Read below about some of the exciting latest news that are happening on Maggie Island.

Your Guide to Nelly Bay

Your Guide to Nelly Bay

Planning your next holiday? Nelly Bay on Magnetic Island is a fantastic location – there is so much to see and do, for all ages and budgets.

Your Guide to Horseshoe Bay

Your Guide to Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay is the home of water sports on Magnetic Island, with activities for the whole family. Here’s Your Guide to Horseshoe Bay.