Make the most of your long-awaited trip with Magnetic Island Holiday Tours.

Being a paradise bursting with nature, activities, and sightseeing, Magnetic Island is naturally home to dozens of holiday tours showcasing the best of the island’s attractions.

While it’s easy to hire gear, source information online, and explore the wonders of Magnetic Island yourself, joining the guided Magnetic Island holiday tours gives you easy access to transport, equipment, and priceless local knowledge you’d never find otherwise. Take a look below to see some of the most popular kinds of Magnetic Island holidays tours. It’s time to start planning the ultimate itinerary!

Boating/Sailing Tours

Surrounded by an ocean teeming with sea life, one of the most popular holiday tours on Magnetic Island is naturally a boat/sailing tour. These provide the opportunity to go out and thoroughly explore the Great Barrier Reef with a professional captain and accompanying guide. Many of these tours also provide snorkeling equipment and will show you hidden reefs and coves you’d never find on your own. The guides are also experts on the local ecosystem. So, if you’re curious about the creatures populating Magnetic Island, there’s no better place to ask! There are also sunset, shipwreck, lunch/dinner, diving, sailing, and other marine-based tours available.

Magnetic Island Holiday Tours

Snorkelling/Diving Tours

One of the most popular reasons to visit Magnetic Island is to snorkel and dive amongst its flourishing array of marine life and reefs. Fortunately, there are loads of different snorkelling/diving tours to choose from accommodating a variety of skill levels, from highly experienced to absolute beginner. Many will take you out via boat to reefs and beaches that can’t be accessed normally. This allows you to witness nature at its purest.

Bus Tours

Bus tours will relieve the burden of having to drive yourself around. This way you have more time to relax and to thoroughly soak in the highlights of Magnetic Island. On these tours you’ll be driven across places too far to walk, allowing a more comprehensive overview of the island’s attractions ideal for those short on time.

Walking Tours

Traversing Magnetic Island on foot is the best way to fully absorb the wonders of the island. However, being such an environmentally diverse and historical location, those who decide to venture out alone risk missing all the fascinating intricacies surrounding them. Popular walking tours run by experienced, local experts include great highlights. Imagine animal spotting, walkthroughs of the deeply historical Forts Complex, beach hopping tours, and more. There’s even a night tour available, so you can see all those animals that laze around during the day at their peak!


Magnetic Island Holiday Tours - Coastal Walk

Helicopter Tours

Helicopter tours from Magnetic Island are surprisingly well-priced and provide a birds-eye view of the island. This way you have access to beauty usually hidden, such as beaches, shipwrecks, reefs and more to be revealed through thrilling, breathtaking panoramas. If you’re lucky, you’ll also spot dolphins, dugongs, manta rays, and even sea turtles! For a truly remarkable Magnetic Island holiday, adding a helicopter tour into your itinerary is a must!


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