Planning your next holiday? Nelly Bay on Magnetic Island is a fantastic location – there is so much to see and do, for all ages and budgets.

There is no shortage of activities on Nelly Bay and the rest of Magnetic Island. Snorkeling, boat lunches, horse riding, hiking, helicopter rides, simply relaxing on one of the island’s gorgeous beaches… Nelly Bay has it all.

Palm Island Scenic Helicopter Ride

This scenic helicopter ride from Townsville glides over Magnetic Island before tracing the trail of Palm Island’s archipelago. You’ll hear commentary delivered by your pilot via headset and gain extensive knowledge of the Great Barrier Reef National Park while enjoying stunning aerial views.

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SeaLink Magnetic Island Ferry

Board the boat at the ferry terminal and set off across the Bay for a scenic ride. Kick back with views of the immaculate crystal-clear waters as you sail on this state-of-the-art high-speed catamaran. Once you reach Magnetic Island you can soak up the sun on the white beaches, go for a walk through the eucalyptus forest, or enjoy a wide range of other activities.

Shopping and relaxation

Nelly Bay is one of the retail and service hubs on the island. You can arrange your car and equipment hire all in one location, check out a local shop or café, and stock up on necessities at the supermarket.

While you’re at it, book a time out with a local massage therapist, and follow it up with a walk on the beautiful and sandy beach.

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Snorkeling is a must on Magnetic Island. There is a lot to explore underwater and they make it easy for you. First, get some snorkel cards and gear from the local retailers. Use them in the water as guides. Surface floats help you stay on track and rest at each point. Nelly Bay is ideal for beginners, and for the experts, Geoffrey Bay is the place to go.

Nature walks

The most voracious walker or hiker will be satisfied with over 25 kilometers of walking tracks on this island. Magnetic Island National Park will take you on a journey across the bays. You can see Endeavour Falls while on the six kilometre walk between Nelly Bay and Arcadia. Forts Walk is also a popular choice because of its rich history. WWII forts, gun emplacements, and breathtaking panoramic views of the Coral Sea are there at your feet. For shorter hikes, try Picnic Bay which will lead to Hawkings Point and Rocky Bay.

Base yourself at Nelly Bay

Nelly Bay is a wonderful spot to base yourself on your Magnetic Island getaway. With plenty of great accommodation options, places to eat, and a hub for transport and amenities, you won’t go wrong setting yourself up at Nelly Bay.


You will be spoilt for choice at Nelly Bay and all the other amazing areas on Magnetic Island. For everything you need to know about accommodation and activities, be sure to check out the Magnetic Island Online directory.

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