What’s on in January Magnetic Island

Summer on Magnetic Island offers the quintessential Australian experience of tropical weather and amazing beaches.

A short ferry ride from Townsville will take you to an island paradise where you can explore and adventure or relax and chill. There is something for every age, interest, and budget.

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Summer on Magnetic Island

Over summer, Magnetic Island’s average daytime temperature is a decent 29 degrees Celsius but can get at high as 37 degrees Celsius.

Keep in mind that January is the start of the wet season and tropical rains can be heavy but with the island having on average 40% less rainfall per year than Cairnes or Port Douglas, it is still one of the sunniest tropical Queensland areas.

The increased rain does add to the beauty of local creeks and waterfalls and lush bush growth.

Peak holiday season is between June and October so though January is within the Christmas school holidays, it’s still a great time to visit with your family.

There’s plenty of accommodation available whether you prefer to camp, glamp, or stay in a luxury hotel. Likewise, restaurants on the island cater to all needs and styles.

Things to see and do year-round

Magnetic Island or, ‘Maggie’, as it is affectionately called by the locals, offers year-round activities from visiting the craft center and the Magnetic Museum to attending the world-famous cane toad races at the Acadia Village Hotel. Check out the Magnetic Island Markets at Horshoe Bay every Sunday or the Louver Art gallery for local artwork.

Things to see and do in January

Other activities are perfectly unique for spending your summer in January Magnetic Island.


Why not go snorkeling and check out the Great Barrier Reef? You can explore around Nelly Bay or even Geoffrey Bay if you’re a little more experienced.


If hiking is more your thing, there are 25 kilometers of walking tracks on the island. You can even hike your way right through Magnetic Island National Park. A popular trek is The Forts Walk which takes about 90 minutes on which you’ll discover WWII fort gun emplacements while enjoying unique views of the Coral Sea.


The wildlife on Maggie is vast and beautiful. Look out for koalas on The Forts Walk hike. Allied rock wallabies (also known as Magnetic Island rock wallabies) are difficult to see as they’re well camouflaged in the rocky terrain. Six of the world’s seven species of sea turtles are found within the Townsville coast. Flatbacks and green turtles are often seen nesting during the summer months. Cleveland Bay and the Magnetic Island waters are declared a dugong protection area. You may spot these majestic beasts in the shallow areas of seagrass meadows.

And that’s just a few of the things waiting for you. So, this summer, head to Magnetic Island and enjoy a beautiful and unique experience you’ll never forget.

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