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Summer Holiday on Magnetic Island

Are you looking for a good way to spend these summer holidays? Get in some fun family time with a summer holiday on Magnetic Island!

With the end of year holidays coming up fast, now’s the perfect chance to book some time in Queensland for your family to spend the summer holidays on Magnetic Island. Just a quick ferry ride from the mainland, it’s the perfect spot to get away.

If you’re stuck for ideas on what to do with your kids over the school holidays, Magnetic Island has no shortage of options.

From everything from wildlife tours to snorkeling tricks, summer holidays on Magnetic Island are packed full of fun activities.

Magnetic Island Online is a tourism directory who helps people find things to do and places to stay, creating the perfect holiday for people of all ages. Magnetic Island is a favourite spot for families due to its incredible scenery and outdoor activities, but there are plenty of shops and slower-paced activities for those who want a relaxed getaway.

What makes summer holidays on Magnetic Island so great? For one, the conditions are perfect year-round for swimming, even in winter. There are flowing waterfalls during the wet season, and in the coldest months the water sits between 21-31 degrees Celsius.

While there are frequent ferries to and from the mainland, the island has everything you need to enjoy a break from your everyday routine.

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There’s no limit to the things you can do in the summer holidays on Magnetic Island.

You can take a sailboat out into the ocean or go snorkeling; go for a walking tour and get up close and personal with the island’s wallabies, kangaroos, and koalas; take some time for yourself by practicing mindfulness with the island’s bootcamp, tai chi, and yoga centres. If you’re feeling sophisticated, visit one of the many art galleries and museums.

To book your incredible summer holidays on Magnetic Island, call Magnetic Island Online today!

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