It’s never too early to start planning your summer holiday. On Magnetic Island, there are countless things to do on your summer holiday that will keep everyone happy.


Magnetic Island: Things to Do on Your Summer Holiday

There is an extensive range of things to do on Magnetic Island. Whether you want to be active, relax, see wildlife or simply eat, there is no shortage of activities to suit every taste, budget and experience level.

Magnetic Island Directory Holiday ideas

Relaxing on the beach

You have a huge choice of beaches on Magnetic, beyond the ones mentioned here. Picnic Bay is great for exactly that – picnics! Or you can go fishing and enjoy the sunset. Nelly Bay is ideal for a morning walk or run. Jeffrey Bay is home to rock wallabies so you could spot a few while you’re there. Alma Bay is a swimmer’s dream with lifeguards, and yellow-and-red flags out year-round. You don’t have to go far to find a beach that suits your fancy!

Swimming or snorkeling

No matter your experience level, there are several swimming and snorkeling spots. Supporting retailers have snorkel gear and snorkeling cards that act as guides when you’re in the water. Surface floats will help you stay on track. Nelly Bay is perfect for beginners and Geoffrey Bay is great for experts. Meanwhile, for swimmers, there are no stingers during winter months and the water temperature is comfortable all year round. The best secluded swimming holes are at Rocky Bay.

Walking and hiking

Walkers rejoice! Magnetic Island boasts 25 kilometres of walking tracks. You can cross through the bays and right into Magnetic Island National Park. At Picnic Bay, you have a choice of two short hikes to Hawkings Bay and Rocky Bay. A real crowd favorite is Forts Walk where you will find WWII forts, gun emplacements and spectacular views of the Coral Sea.

See the koalas

There are over 800 koalas living on the island so your chances of spotting some are high. Bungalow Bay Koala Village is home to many of these marsupials. With tents and cabins, this is the only place that is both a tourist attraction and accommodation on the island. You can have your photo taken cuddling a koala and maybe even enjoy a breakfast with the koalas!


This was just a taste of the many activities you can do here. For information on all activities and accommodation on Magnetic Island be sure to check out our Magnetic Island Online Direcory.


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