Radical Bay

On the north-eastern tip of Magnetic Island, just to the east of Horseshoe and Balding Bays, is a quiet beach and marine park – Radical Bay.

Whether you travel by foot, boat or 4×4 to Radical Bay, you won’t be disappointed. An unspoiled beach with tranquil waters that beg you to hop in for a swim!

This north facing, 250m wide beach is surrounded by superb granite headlands and is a protected home for marine and wildlife.


Radical Bay

Preparation pays off.


 If you plan on exploring the Radical Bay area, you should make sure you’re prepared for the seclusion. This unpatrolled beach is as beautiful as it is untamed.

Good hiking shoes and plenty of drinking water should be top of the list for a trip to Radical Bay – especially since you will probably want to stay for a while once you get there. If you are visiting between November and April, a stinger suit is also a must if you plan on swimming.


Radical Bay

How To Get To Radical Bay

Walk – There is a walking track from Horseshoe Bay that leads you to Radical Bay via the eucalypt forest. Alternatively, you can access Radical Bay on foot via Radical Bay Road.

Drive – Radical Bay Road is the only road that provides access to this spot, but you’ll need a 4×4 vehicle to get there!

Bus – Take the Line 250 bus from the Magnetic Island Ferry Terminal Stop 2 to Pacific Drive at Horseshoe Bay



Magnetic Island Bays – Radical Bay

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Nearby Horseshoe Bay is Magnetic Island’s northern hub, with all the accommodation, shops, facilities, and equipment hire places you need to enjoy the beauty Radical Bay has to offer.

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Worth the effort

It might take some planning, time and effort before you’re stepping onto the clean sands of Radical Bay, but we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

North-facing beach

Radical Bay’s beach is north facing, which means that warm, sunny bliss will be even sweeter, protected from the cooler southerly breezes.


Is this bay monitored by beach patrol?

There are currently no services provided by Surf Life Saving Australia. Please refer to the beachsafe.org,au website to find out more about swimming at Australian beaches.

Is there a public toilet here ?

There are currently no public toilets at Radical Bay.

What Radical Bay Visitors Say


One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited in my life. I truly discovered the meaning of happiness, beauty and waking up every day with a smile in this little island.

Ale A.


Beautiful part of the world to go visit. Walk around the island, take your time. It’s well worth it.


Mega nice island worth a visit to explore the diverse nature and very chillaxing island


Hike, boat or 4WD into this gem of a beach. Relaxing spot to swim, eat or rest from your hiking. Road access (from near the Fort Walks) definitely needs 4WD to get right to the bay. But worth it for sure!

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