Located in the sunshine state off the coast of Townsville, Magnetic Island’s unique name has many asking, “How did Magnetic Island get it’s name?” and where it originated from.

Dating back to 1770, Magnetic Island was named by Lt James Cook during his voyage to Australia, as he believed that the magnetic compass on his ship was effected by the island. Behind its history and beauty, Magnetic Island is one of Australia’s wonderful places to visit.

Magnetic Island - How did Magnetic Island Get It's Name

After the discovery and naming of Magnetic Island, this beautiful island has prospered thought the decades finding love from tourists near and far. In the 1800’s Magnetic Island was a popular picnic spot for European tourists and thanks to its growing popularity, the first resort was established in the 1890’s.

As Townsville flourished as a major city in the 1900’s, Magnetic Island grew in popularity. Thanks to this, Magnetic Island’s beauty has been shared, loved and experienced by so many.  Besides being a tourist destination in Queensland, the island became a popular residential location in the 1920’s, where the island became a farming district of fruit and dairying.

With its distinctive environment and picturesque views, Magnetic Island is a holiday hot spot that cannot be overlooked. Along with its breathtaking views, the island’s sandy beaches fringe cool reefs that encompass the natural beauty of its surroundings. Besides its beaches, the island is home to granite boulders and thick luscious forests of serene wildlife where you will no doubt spot a koala or two!

Whether you enjoy going for walks and checking out one of the many picturesque lookouts, or want to enjoy the water sports and exploring the beautiful reef, there are many wonderful activities. If you are attracted to the peacefulness and the opportunity to relax in the serene environment of the island, Magnetic Island is an ideal holiday destination for you.

With many things to see and do, this tropical paradise is a sanctuary that should explored by all. A holiday for young and old, soak up the sunshine in a beautiful part of Australia. With its history and natural beauty, Magnetic Island must be on your list of destinations to visit.

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