There are plenty of Magnetic Island accommodation options out there, and there is something for everyone!

Magnetic Island boasts a wonderful range of accommodation types suitable for people from all different walks of life. Whether you desire the ultimate in comfort and luxury, or prefer a rugged adventure in nature, Magnetic Island accommodation has something just right for you!

Here are some of the Magnetic Island accommodation types available:

Hotels and Resorts

Magnetic Island has plenty of fantastic hotels and resorts for the tourist who wants to relax in style! Most have absolutely breathtaking views of the beaches and are furnished with pools, bars and restaurants. Magnetic Island’s hotels and resorts are mainly concentrated along Horseshoe Bay and Nelly Bay, two relaxing and idyllic towns complete with a selection of shops that will meet your every need.

Magnetic Island Accommodation

Guesthouses are a popular and relatively new trend of accommodation that are generally much nicer than hostels, but provide the same level of freedom along with a nice price tag! Staying at a guesthouse is a great way to meet new people as well as save money, get travel advice and either party or put your feet up! Guesthouses are best for single travellers or young couples.


Camping is something we should all do once in a while. Any stress you have simply melts away into the lush and soothing greenery. A break from technology is also important for our wellbeing. Magnetic Island’s two camping grounds are very well kept and situated in convenient areas while still being far enough from any towns to make them a true escape from the modern world!

Cottages, Cabins and Villas

If you’re looking the freedom of a guesthouse, the luxury of a hotel and the natural aesthetic of camping, then you need look no further than Magnetic Island’s diverse range of cottages, cabins and villas. You can enjoy the privacy of your own room, bathroom, veranda and sometimes kitchen, all while gazing out onto the natural wonders of Magnetic Island! Perfect for families!


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Author: WMAadmin