If you’re looking for the ultimate Valentine’s Day romantic destination, look no further than Magnetic Island.

It’s the day of the year when you get the opportunity to go above and beyond to celebrate your partnership and adoration for someone special – and booking a Valentine’s Day romantic destination is sure to inspire smiles!

For most people, this special day is an occasion to show how much you care about your partner with a delicious dinner, flowers or a classic breakfast in bed. You want them to feel loved and spoilt on this special day.

For others, it’s a day of grand gestures, a day to shower someone with new experiences, and to make memories together for years ahead.

Valentine's Day Romantic Destination

When you think of a wonderful Valentine’s day romantic destination, Magnetic Island ticks all the boxes. It is a location that promises tropical bliss, warm weather that wraps around you and crystal clear waters that shimmer in the sun. Magnetic Island is a holiday destination not to be missed, with endless experiences available to explore with your loved one. You’ll have the time of your life.

Imagine strolling along the beach in the afternoon breeze, going for a morning swim in the cool ocean, dining out at first class restaurants and eating fresh produce every day. Sounds like paradise, right?

If you’re on the fence for a Valentine’s Day romantic destination, Magnetic Island is the place to be. Still not convinced? Browse through the on island experiences just waiting to be explored…

Horse Bay Ranch

Imagine riding across the beach on horseback, with the sun shining down and breeze flowing past you. What could be more relaxing that this? With guided instructions throughout the experience, you’ll be smiling the entire time while you enjoy this incredible coastal experience.

Horseshoe Bay

This is the location of endless entertainment – think all the watersports that you can imagine, right at your fingertips. From jetski options, to sea kayaks – you’ll have so many experiences to explore! What’s better than a day on the water enjoying the perfect weather and sun?

Magnetic Island Romantic Destination
Explore the island with miniature convertible cars

Now this is one experience you just can not miss. Magnetic Island is one of the only locations where you can access convertible miniature carts to explore the island with. Drive from location to location is your own personalised beach buggy, and enjoy the fun!

Dine in style at Magnetic Island’s delicious restaurants

The island boasts some of the finest restaurants for your enjoyment. From fine dining through to casual eateries, you’ll find the perfect solution to your needs. Dine and enjoy local produce along with endless options for beer and wine!

What a way to enjoy, relax and soak in the excitement of Valentine’s Day with your loved one! If you’re looking for that exciting new adventure to remember – look no further than Magnetic Island for your top Valentine’s day romantic destination pick.

Magnetic Island Valentine's Day
Author: WMAadmin