Magnetic Island is one of Australia’s premier holiday destinations. With so much to see and do, Magnetic Island Weather is perfect for all of it.

Gorgeous beaches, abundant wildlife, rugged nature, and countless activities. Magnetic Island weather allows for you to do and see so much while you’re here. With pleasant temperatures in the winter, and balmy days in summer, there is plenty of sunshine to get your vitamin D up and stress levels down!


The average maximum temperatures during the day range from a beautiful 25°C in July to 32° in December. At night, the average temperatures range from around 14°C in July to 24°C in January.

Magnetic Island Weather


January to March are Magnetic Island’s wettest months. The tropical downpours can get a little heavy, but the days and nights are generally still warm. Despite the heavier rainfall, there are still many sunny days over these months. Between April and December, it is usually dry with sunny, clear skies. Evening thunderstorms may appear in November and continue through to December.

It should be noted that Magnetic Island has just about the best weather out of all the coastal areas in tropical Queensland, nearly half the rainfall (about 40 percent less to be more precise) than the Cairns and Port Douglas area.

Summer and Autumn

January to March sees increased levels of tropical rain, accompanied by warm days and balmy evenings – particularly in January. Creeks and waterfalls have constant flow, making the bush extra lush. Magnetic Island is enjoyable anytime of the year, but if you don’t want crowds, February and March are ideal times to visit.

Magnetic Island Weather

Winter and Spring

The peak holiday season is between June and October as visitors escape their wintry lives. While southern parts of the country are cold and windy, Magnetic has days of warm sunshine – October is the Island’s sunniest month. Even the water seems extra blue.

It may be the busiest time of the year, but that is for good reason – the weather is phenomenal, and it is a great time for swimming, before the stingers emerge in the summer months. There are also numerous spaces to retreat for those who want perfect holiday weather and privacy. There is no shortage of stunning beaches and beautiful bush walks on this island!

Magnetic Island is a wonderful place for both play and relaxation, to suit all ages and interests. Be sure to make your island escape soon! Check out the Magnetic Island Online directory for all accommodation and activity information.

Author: WMAadmin