Picnic Bay on Magnetic Island is the ultimate location to relax, have fun and enjoy nature. From a stunning beach filled with marine life, plenty of opportunities for seaside dining and a jetty to fish, it’s impossible to not have a good time!

Here are some of the reasons why you should visit Picnic Bay on Magnetic Island for your next holiday!

Perfect Your Holiday at Picnic Bay, Magnetic Island

Wildlife and nature

Picnic Bay is the home to a range of amazing Australian wildlife – from cute koalas and lively Wallabies on the land to tropical fish and turtles in the sea! If you’re lucky you might even spot a Dugong!

The wildlife isn’t hard to find either. For marine life, you can simply go snorkeling off the foreshore to see an aquarium’s worth of underwater wonder. During the summer months a part of the beach is patrolled and protected, so even inexperienced swimmers can enjoy. For land-based wildlife, the nearby golf course is a great place to see wallabies and an array of birdlife. If you check carefully, the area is also home to curious koalas which have been known to come down and even approach golfers. Truly an unforgettable experience!

Perfect Your Holiday at Picnic Bay, Magnetic Island

A peaceful town with plenty of fun!

Picnic Bay is a quaint, convenient and relaxed town filled with a range of dining and shopping options. You can explore the beauty and purity of nature while still indulging in a gourmet highlife. Numerous fancy restaurants, cute cafes, lively bars and tasty takeaway – there’s something for everyone. You can also get your holiday shopping fix completed at Picnic Bay Mall, which offers the best collection of shops in the town. And, of course, as its namesake suggests, there are dozens of charming and well equipped places to have a picnic and bask in the full glory of the outside!

Perfect Your Holiday at Picnic Bay, Magnetic Island

Fishing and swimming

One of the most prominent aspects of Picnic Bay is its long reaching jetty where great views, delightful strolls and fruitful fishing can be found. The surrounding beach also offers perfect conditions for swimming and snorkeling, with breathtaking crystal blue water providing pleasant conditions and a comfortable temperature.

Make your way to Magnetic Island for your next holiday adventure and stay at Picnic Bay! The natural wonder combined with the peaceful and fun township will make for the ultimate unforgettable and satisfying holiday experience!

Author: WMAadmin