Summer Holidays on Magnetic Island

There is no better time than now to experience Summer Holidays on Magnetic Island. Take a well-earned break while supporting the Aussie tourism industry.

Summer holidays on Magnetic Island are a must-do, especially if you live in Australia but have never ventured over to this northern Queensland paradise. Or perhaps you have already been and would love to come back.

There really is something for everyone here, with a vast array of sights, attractions and activities to keep you occupied during summer holidays on Magnetic Island.

Summer Holidays on Magnetic Island
Nature Walks

The Island boasts over 25 kilometres of walking tracks that will satisfy even the most voracious walker or hiker. Magnetic Island National Park will take you on a journey across the bays. The Forts Walk is popular because you can learn some history while you experience nature. WWII forts, gun emplacements and breathtaking panoramic views of the Coral Sea are right at your feet.

For short hikes try Picnic Bay, which leads to Hawkings Point and Rocky Bay. Or see Endeavour Falls while on a six-kilometre walk between Nelly Bay and Arcadia.

Summer Holidays on Magnetic Island

You can’t go to this part of the country and not experience the coral reefs. You can hire snorkelling gear from local retailers and purchase cards that attach to your wrist. When you’re in the water, you simply use the cards as guides – and learn as you go. Nelly Bay is ideal for beginners, while the more experienced snorkeller can explore Geoffrey Bay.

Magnetic Island Summer Holidays
Cuddle a koala

The majority of koalas in northern Australia live on Magnetic Island. There are about 800, so the chances of spotting some are high. At Bungalow Bay Koala Village, you can hold them and capture the memory with a photo.

Go on a drive

When your feet are tired, we recommend hiring one of the Island’s iconic topless cars and going sightseeing. You have the option to hire a ‘beach buggy’ for one day, or longer. Pick up a car at the Nelly Bay ferry terminal, where you’ll receive a map that highlights attractions. There’s nothing quite like a road trip – chilling out, listening to music and taking in some spectacular views.


You won’t be short of things to do and see on Magnetic Island. Make the most of your opportunities – check out the Magnetic Island Online directory for a full rundown of activities, amenities, and accommodation.

Author: WMAadmin