Winter Escape to Magnetic Island – forget the cold and enjoy some extra sun!

The cold season is about to hit Australia and the majority of the country is preparing for a few months or more of wet and dreary weather. It is the perfect time to book a winter escape to Magnetic Island for some much-needed R&R and sunshine.

A winter escape to Magnetic Island is a great option if you need to leave the chill behind, but don’t want to head overseas. You can fly directly into Townsville – and from there it is just a short ferry ride.
Winter Escape to Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island was named by Captain Cook back in 1770. Cook believed that his compass was affected by the magnetic force of the island. This belief has never been proven and it may have just been that Cook’s compass was not working properly!

Great Accommodation

There is a population of about 2,500 residents on the island. There are heaps of different forms of accommodation here including hostels, holiday houses, family resorts and even a lavish 5-star resort on the island. And it sure is a fabulous place to go to in winter.

Get Back To Nature

Over half of the island consists of National Park and there is an abundance of wildlife including rock wallabies, echidnas, koalas, kookaburras and all types of birds. There are bushwalks suitable for all types of fitness levels.

Magnetic Island Winter Escape

Great Activities

Magnetic Island is a special place. There is a host of things to see and do. There are around 27 beaches on the island. There are plenty of outdoor activities which include horse-riding, hiking, sailing, jet-skiing, snorkelling bike riding diving, and aeroplane rides. There is not a huge amount of night life on the island, although there are some great sundowner bars and usually a full moon party every month, with top DJs playing all night long. It is more of a place to wind down.

The Perfect Winter Break

Winter is THE best time to visit! The temperature stays at around 27 degrees in the daytime and the water is warm enough to swim in. The wet season has finished, and the stingers are not prevalent. Around August you can sometimes do a bit of whale spotting too. If you live down south, Magnetic Island is a great place to get away to and beat the winter blues.

The Island is tropical. In the summer it is really hot and humid, and this is also the wet season. It rains a lot in summer, although this is mostly at night. In summer it is highly recommended that you wear a wet suit to protect you from jelly fish and stingers.

Winter Escape Magnetic Island

Two of the best beaches are Florene and Radical Bays. The Forts Walk is a must, as is Hawkings Point lookout and feeding the fish at Brenmer Point. Rocky Bay is a beautiful place to spend the afternoon. There is much to see and do – or you can choose to lounge by the pool or ocean. Not a bad way to spend the winter!

So, bite the bullet and book your winter escape to Magnetic Island now!  For further information, check out our directory of places to stay, and things to see and do.

Author: WMAadmin