If you want to explore more of Australia, there is a place that has plenty to offer. Here are 5 Reasons to Visit Magnetic Island.

Perfect weather, gorgeous beaches, lush rainforests, loads of activities for all ages and budgets – what more could you ask for? An ideal destination for families, couples, and singles, we’ve listed the top 5 reasons to visit Magnetic Island.

The beaches

There are beaches here to suit everyone’s tastes. Nelly Bay is the hub of the island’s residents and ideal for a morning run or walk. Picnic Bay lives up to its name and is a great place to picnic, go fishing or enjoy the sunset. Alma Bay is a swimmer’s paradise – there are lifeguards and yellow and red flags year-round. Meanwhile, Geoffrey Bay is home to Rock Wallabies, so you might spot a few. These are just some of the many beaches on the island, so be sure to explore and find your favorite!

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5 Reasons to Visit Magnetic Island

The snorkelling

Magnetic Island is one of the premier places to snorkel. There is a lot to explore underwater and they make it easy for you to do it! Supporting retailers on the island stock snorkeling cards and snorkel gear. All you have to do is wrap the cards around your wrist and use them as guides once you’re in the water. Follow the surface floats – they’re there to help you stay on track and rest at each point. If you’re a beginner, check out Nelly Bay. For experts, Geoffrey Bay is where to go.

The hiking

Magnetic boasts 25 kilometres of spectacular walking tracks. You can make your way across bays and right through Magnetic Island National Park. In Picnic Bay, you have a choice of two short hikes to Rocky Bay and Hawkings Bay. And on Forts Walk, a crowd favourite, you will find WWII forts, gun emplacements, and magnificent views of the Coral Sea.

5 Reasons to Visit Magnetic Island

The koalas

There are over 800 koalas living on this island, so you have a pretty good chance of spotting some. Increase your chances of seeing Australia’s cutest marsupial by staying at the Bungalow Bay Koala Village. With cozy tents/cabins, this is a magical place that is both accommodation and tourist attraction on the island. You can even have your photo taken cuddling a koala!

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The dining

You’re sure to enjoy some winning fare at the many wonderful dining and take-away places on the island. The produce on the island is exceptional and the hospitality is just as fantastic. Check out our past article here on the Top 10 Restaurants on Magnetic Island.


There is an abundance of attractions and activities, with stunning views to boot here on Magnetic Island. Be sure to check out the Magnetic Island Online directory for all your accommodation and activity information.

Author: WMAadmin